My client shared with me some interesting information the other day when I asked her how her OBGYN hunt was going. She said she met with a doctor who told her from now on to do more “girly workouts.” 😨 My client was SO not a fan of this statement, this approach, and to say the […]


OBGYN Said WHAAA??!?!?

Long gone are the days where we generalize experiences. We are so used to saying “OMG my friend had a C section… you’ll be fine.” At the root of that we are just trying to make an anecdotal connection which I can appreciate but what ends up happening is we generalize and diminish someone’s experience. […]


Your Body and Your Experience is Unique

As a personal trainer and someone that has been working primarily with women for the better half of a decade, I constantly hear “I want to be toned but I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t want to get bulky.” The stigma that you will get bulky when you strength train has led […]


The Top 3 Myths of Strength Training

Start taking care of baby by taking care of you

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"Kristie is an amazing trainer—not only does she have expert knowledge on movement and exercise...she truly cares about your well-being and mental health, makes sure that mama is doing well..."

This was, hands down, the best thing I decided to do. Not only did I feel physically stronger, but mentally as well. I also received so many compliments about my energy level and my body during my pregnancy. I know everyone is different, but I also felt so strong for my birth process. 

My Mama Told Me

- jessie

"I liked how the workout was customized to me and my skill level. "

Also the 30 minute increment was perfect for my uncertain schedule with my newborn. I appreciated being given the opportunity to move my body again after the baby.

- Keely, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands (Trained 2x week postpartum)

My Mama Told Me

"I highly recommend this training to all of my fellow mamas!"

ABC Fit Collective left me feeling incredibly prepared for my delivery and postpartum life. My delivery went extremely well, and I attribute a lot of that to my training twice a week with ABC Fit Collective. I felt energized during my pregnancy and I also feel so great postpartum.

- Chloe, Westchester, NY (2x a week through her second and third trimester and is happily back to training postpartum 2x a week. 

My Mama Told Me