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Get paired with a certified pre & post natal fitness specialist who will tailor your 1:1 sessions to your needs

Feeling strong during your pregnancy, building endurance for labor, and optimizing your recovery journey is as easy as ABC!

With an emphasis on

lignment,           reathing,  and            ore.

You'll be set to take on anything...especially motherhood!




Two fitness experts: One love

After working with women before during and after their pregnancies and being completely inspired by the strength and perseverance, we created ABC Fit Collective with a focus on Alignment, Breathe and Core work to help women feel strong during pregnancy, build endurance for labor and optimize their recovery postpartum. We are about celebrating what your body can do during this remarkable time: your maternity journey. Our purpose is rooted in celebrating the strength of women and helping them feel connected to their bodies as they are creating life and living theirs. ABC Fit Collective is a virtual personal training platform specifically for women before, during and after their pregnancy. Women get paired with a fitness specialist to help them build strength, gain endurance for labor and optimize their recovery postpartum. 

It’s a special time in your life, work with a specialist to keep you safe and strong! 

Kristie and Sabrina, both fitness professionals, joined forces in business and in life to bring you ABC Fit Collective: the movement and mindfulness you need while living and creating life.

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