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Feel strong and confident during your pregnancy, build endurance for your labor and be prepared for your postpartum journey in just 4 weeks all from the comfort of your own home.

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Fit Pregnancy Program

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Keep reading to feel strong and confident in as little as 4 weeks!

The ABC Fit signature proven fitness guide has helped 100s of folks just like you!

If you are like the clients that come to us, you might be worried that you aren’t doing the right movements to prepare you for the physical demands of labor and motherhood.

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So what do I get when I join?

4 weeks of workout videos 3 workouts per week + additional bonus workouts

The secret to feeling strong as a mother is strength training while you are pregnant!

Our fit pregnancy program is perfect for first, second and third trimester mamas. With little to no previous experience needed, you can easily work your way up to feeling strong and confident in your pregnant body in just 4 weeks! 

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*Due to the nature of this program, there are no guarantees and all purchases are final.

2 ways to we can work together

Get 3 additional workouts valued at $150 for FREE in your Fit Pregnancy Program (included in your purchase)

Bonus bundle of workouts!

  • When you join the Fit Pregnancy Program you’ll get 12 workouts that will have you feeling strong during your pregnancy, build endurance for birth and get you prepared for motherhood valued at over $1000 

  • When you join today we are adding 3 bonus workouts that you will have access to forever (valued at $150) not to mention a printable PDF of all the workouts in the program!

  • The best part is you’ll have lifetime access to these workouts! 

  • Access to the ABC Fit Community and future challenges +  early access to our next programs and bundles! 

Lets recap:

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Are you ready to feel strong as a mother during your pregnancy?


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