Name:  Sabrina Stockel 

Hometown: Rye Brook, NY

Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, AFPA Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Pronatal Pre/postnatal performance training specialist

Specialties: Prenatal & postpartum training, functional training, strength training, injury prevention & rehabilitation, weight loss, mobility

Experience: 10+ years - 3 years at Health Fitness Corporation, 6 years at Equinox, 1 year at Flex It

Guilty pleasure:  fried chicken & French fries!

Name: Kristie Alicea
Hometown: Queens, NYC
Certifications: NCSF Certified personal trainer. ACE Group fitness instructor, AFPA PRe + Postnatal Fitness Specialist, Pronatal Pre/postnatal performance training specialist
Specialties: Prenatal and postpartum training, functional fitness training, strength training, barre, HIIT 
Experience: 10 + years of fitness experience, 2011 Zumba certification worked at gold’s gym, NY sports club, 2015 Personal Trainer at Equinox, 2016 Barre 3 instructor. 2017 Co-founded BEAST Fitness Evolved: created the HIIT fitness program, 2020 created a digital studio and started ABC Fit Collective 
Guilty pleasure: Donuts + real housewives 
Instagram handle: @ kristie_fitness
Languages spoken: English and Spanish

Name:  Lulu Amorim 
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil 
Education: B.S. Exercise Science from Mackenzie University (Brazil); Master’s degree in Biomechanics of Exercise and Sports Marketing & Management from Gama Filho University (Brazil) 
Certifications: American Council on Exercise (ACE), Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), Precision Nutrition (Pn1), Barefoot Training Specialist (EBFA), Kettlebell Athletics L1, ViPR Training, Trigger Point Therapy, TRX Suspension Training. 
Experience: She’s worked in the fitness industry for over a decade and for the last four years as a Personal Training Manager at Equinox. 
Guilty pleasure: binging on ‘Friends’ reruns. I can’t help myself 😂😉
Instagram handle: @luceliaamorim 
Languages spoken: Portuguese and English

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"I highly recommend this training to all of my fellow mamas!"

ABC Fit Collective left me feeling incredibly prepared for my delivery and postpartum life. My delivery went extremely well, and I attribute a lot of that to my training twice a week with ABC Fit Collective. I felt energized during my pregnancy and I also feel so great postpartum.

- Chloe, Westchester, NY (2x a week through her second and third trimester and is happily back to training postpartum 2x a week. 

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